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Title: Validation of the IsoMetric usability inventory
Authors: Heinz Willumeit , Fachbereich Psychologie , Universität Osnabrück
Günther Gediga , Fachbereich Psychologie , Universität Osnabrück
Kai-Christoph Hamborg , Fachbereich Psychologie , Universität Osnabrück
Status: Forschungsbericht des Fachbereichs Psychologie, 105.
Abstract: Aiming at an user-oriented approach in software evaluation on the basis of ISO 9241/10, a questionnaire (IsoMetrics) was developed in order to collect usability data for summative and formative evaluation. The construction of the instrument is documented. The summative version of IsoMetrics shows high reliability of its subscales and gathers valid information about differences in the usability comparing different software systems. It is shown that the formative version of IsoMetrics is a powerful tool, because of its ability to pinpoint weaknesses within the software.