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Development of a software usability instrument

Project summary

IsoMetrics2 is the follow-up of the IsoMetrics1 project. The result of IsoMetrics1 was a questionnaire (''IsoMetrics'') operationalising the design principles of ISO 9241 Part 10. There are two versions of IsoMetrics, both based on the same items: IsoMetricss (short) supports summative evaluation of software systems, whereas IsoMetricsl (long) is best suited for formative evaluation purposes. The current version of IsoMetrics comprises 75 items operationalising the seven design principles of ISO 9241 Part 10. The IsoMetrics design provides information that can be used within an iterative software development. In summary, these are

The construction of the instrument was documented in several papers. The summative version of IsoMetrics showed high reliability of its subscales and gathered valid information about differences in the usability comparing different software systems. It was shown that the formative version of IsoMetrics is a powerful tool, because of its ability to pinpoint weaknesses within the software.

The aims of IsoMetrics2 are:

Editor: Günther Gediga, K.-C. Hamborg